The MGC TKC OGA committee is back with the TKC 5KM Walk-a-Run Carnival 3.0. Mark your calendar and be sure to join us for the event not to be missed.

19.01.2020 : 7.00 AM – 11.00 AM

UM Arena, Universiti Malaya,
Petaling Jaya


Event Details

19th January 2020  — 7.00 AM – 11.00 AM
UM Arena, Universiti Malaya, Petaling Jaya

TWRC3.0 TKC 3.0 Poster

Frequently Asked Questions

This is not a competitive race. There will be no bib, no timing chip and no reward for the fastest runner.

Instead of a bib, an identification wrist tag will be given to each runner. This will be removed at the finish line to be exchanged for the Finisher Medal.

Register yourself individually via the SOFEA Run App or via Google Form + Payment.

Please indicate your choice : Physical Run or Virtual Run

Virtual Run has to be registered via the SOFEA Run app.

The final deadline for both is now Friday 20th December 2019.

Virtual runners have to cover a minimum of 5km cumulatively at their own time, place and pace between 21st Dec 2019 to 18th Jan 2020. Your mileage will be digitally tracked when you walk/run using the SOFEA Run App.

Yes, you will need to be best-friends with your smart phone for this!

Alternatively, you can also upload a screen shot of your sport watch running summary as evidence in the app to capture and validate your mileage. This can be done each time you finish your activity.

There will be 2 prizes for virtual runners:

  • Highest mileage logged in (individual)
  • Highest mileage by batch (open to TKC alumni only)

Winners will be announced on the race day.

Of course! We will post it to your address. Note that you would have already paid for the postage that has been automatically calculated when you register. You will receive your package a few weeks after the event.

Yes, you may do so through the SOFEA Run App. You will have to pay for each category separately though… but why not? It’ll be for charity and you will have double the fun!

Just log out from the SOFEA Run app after your first registration. Log in again with the same particulars EXCEPT that you need to use a different email address for the second registration. SOFEA Run App accepts repeated registration of the same name and IC number, but the system does not allow second registration on the same email.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a second email address, you may register your physical run using the Google link. A virtual run can only be registered via the app.

Yes, of course! Kids below 5 years of age may join for free. For insurance coverage, please register them using this link:

However, they would not be eligible for the race kit/goody bag nor the finisher medal and event tee.

Kids 12 years old and below need to be accompanied by their guardian / parent / chaperone.

Please also note that strollers and wheelchairs are allowed throughout the race route EXCEPT on the arena’s 400m running track (synthetic rubber surface).

Register yourself individually first via the SOFEA Run App or as a group/team via Google Form ( + payment

Group Costume contest requires at least five (5) registered participants.

Frisbee game requires 7 members per team. At the moment this is only open to TKCOGA as the competition will be according to House. Please contact Fern (SPM 94) for further inquiries (012-2879876).

After you choose your group leader, please get in touch with Afiqah at (+6011-2820-5384) or and register your group name, activity and listed members (please ensure all are registered in the system).

There is no additional cost for entering any of the listed games above.

Please register your group by 29th December 2019.

During the race pack collection on Friday 17th & Saturday 18th January 2020, please bring along a digital copy(ies) of the confirmation email & NRIC. Please be reminded the ‘GO-GREEN’ theme and refrain from using printouts.

To receive the free collapsible silicone cup, do bring a minimum of 3x 500ml and 2x 1.5L empty plastic bottles with you to be recycled. Any kind of empty plastic bottle would do.

Yes of course! We encourage this to minimize the carbon footprint.

No authorization letter is needed, just be ready with a screenshot of your friend’s confirmation email. We may require the collector to leave their phone number behind.

In line with the ‘GO-GREEN’ theme, the costumes are preferably made using materials which are sourced sustainably and recyclable in nature.

However, we expect the costume to be fairly decent. No doubt Malaysia is hot and humid, but no bare torsos please… unless you have 6-packs to show off.  And a bikini in a running event maybe a bit too far-fetched.

For GROUP COSTUME competition ONLY: Please prepare a short narrative, maximum 50 words to describe your theme, for the MC to announce during the march past.

If you are not running in your own costume, donning our event t-shirt with the lovely leaf prints is highly encouraged!

Sorry, this is not provided. Therefore please bring only your necessary items on that day.

Yes. The Surau is located at top floor of the UM Arena, turn left as you go up the stairs. 

It is a relatively small surau. Since Subuh Prayer is at 6.02 AM, well before the flag-off time, we recommend runners to solat prior to arrive at arena.

Yes, the organizer will blast an email to all participants with all relevant info closer to the event date. Additionally, we are also using other mediums of communication such as social media (Facebook) and through batch reps WhatsApp messaging to circulate the information.

Parking details will also be shared closer to the date.

You can opt to run or walk within the arena track itself. You will still qualify for the finisher medal.

Yes, there will be two (2) water stations along the route. Please BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup ), as there will be no paper cups provided. GO-GREEN! Therefore, please bring along the collapsible silicone cups that will be given for free in exchange for recyclable items brought during the race pack collection.

Refer to “What do I need to bring on Race Pack Collection Day?”

TWRC3.0 Race Route

TWRC3 Race Route

Costume Contest – Frequently Asked Questions

Enter to win TWRC 3.0 Go Green Costume Contest!
There’s PLENTY of chances to win!

TWRC3.0 Go Green Costume Promo v2
TWRC3.0 TWRC Instagram Contest
  1. For team submission, please upload up to five (5) photos. Individuals can upload up to three (3) photos. Share them as a single post in your Instagram feed.
  2. All photos must be taken during the event day and posted on Instagram from 7:00 am – 8:30 am only. Enjoy the run (flag off is at 7.30am) & snap away!
  3. Your Go Green inspired costume must have a minimum of 2 recycled/upcycled items.

Please ensure your account is public!

If your Instagram is not public, we will not see your post.

Submission must include:

  1. A caption that describes the concept of your costume (in less than 20 words).
  2. Participant’s name (individual)/ team name in the post (A team must have a minimum 5 members to qualify).
  3. Hashtag #twrc3 and either #iamgreentwrc3 (for individual submission) or #wegogreentwrc3 (for team submission).
  1. When your costume is posted on Instagram using the #twrc3 and either #iamgreentwrc3 (for individual submission) or #wegogreentwrc3 (for team submission), you will officially be entered into the contest.
  2. Entries will be accepted through Instagram hashtags on 19 January 2020 from 7.00 am – 8.30 am.
  3. Your Go Green inspired costume must have a minimum of 2 recycled/upcycled items.

A single post only please. For group submission, share with us up to five (5) photos while individuals can upload up to three (3) photos.

Winners will be announced at 10.00 AM on the event day.

Marks will be given based on your

  1. concept
  2. creativity
  3. effort

Race Kit Collection : 17th & 18th Jan 2020

Friday – 17 Jan 2020
OGA Hall, Precinct 15, Putrajaya

Saturday – 18 Jan 2020
Blok A, Pusat Sukan UM
TWRC3.0 twrc3 race kit collection

Parking Map

TWRC3 Parking Map

Event Day Program

0630 AM Arrival of runners
0700 AM
  • Nestle Sponsored Breakfast (outside Arena)
  • Warm Up session / ZUMBA I
  • Arrival of VIP’s
0715 AM Arrival of YB Syed Saddiq
0730 AM Flag Off by YB Syed Saddiq
0800 AM
  • Nestle Sponsored Breakfast (inside Arena)
  • TKC cheerleaders performance
0900 AM – 1000 AM GAMES

  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Touch Rugby
  • Celebrity Relay
1000 AM Prize Giving & Closing Ceremony
1100 AM TWRC 3.0 Ends
Brunch for MGC/TKC OGA Invited Guests


Physical Run

No Description Prize money
1 Best Costume Team # 1 750 Hampers from Nestle worth RM 150
2 Best Costume Team # 2 500 Hampers from Nestle worth RM 150
3 Best Costume Team # 3 350 Hampers from Nestle worth RM 150
4 Best Costume Individual (Male) # 1 300 Hampers from Nestle worth RM 150
5 Best Costume Individual (Male) # 2 200 Hampers from Nestle worth RM 150
6 Best Costume Individual (Male) # 3 100 Hampers from Nestle worth RM 150
7 Best Costume Individual (Female) # 1 300 Hampers from Nestle worth RM 150
8 Best Costume Individual (Female) # 2 200 Hampers from Nestle worth RM 150
9 Best Costume Individual (Female) # 3 100 Hampers from Nestle worth RM 150
10 Most no of Partcipants by Batch 500 Food Voucher worth RM 500 at PAUM
11 Oldest no of Participants by Batch   Hampers from Nestle worth RM 150 Hamper x 1 share
12 Touch Rugby (Mix) = 4 team 12 pax   Money plant x 24 + 2 = 26
14 Frisbee – 10 per house team   Money plant x 10
15 Celebrity Run
4 team x 4 = 16 pax
  Money plant x 16


In line with the ‘GO-GREEN’ theme, the costumes are preferably made using materials which are sourced sustainably and recyclable in nature.

There will be ZERO Waste policy, hence no paper cup will be given at water station, we encourage participant to bring your own cup, or do obtain the collapsible silicone cup by joining our recycle initiatives. Please refer to our FAQ Section.

Please also consider car-pooling to the venue, to minimize the carbon footprint.

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Any other questions we may have missed?
Kindly direct them to Afiqah at +6011-2820-5384 or
Thank you!

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